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FOCUS 40/10FOCUS – Germany’s news magazine for the urban elite.

As a modern news magazine with a trenchant stance, FOCUS is one of the key media in Germany to set the political, economic and cultural agenda. FOCUS has demonstrated its prominence among relevant quality media in the German market through its claim to topical leadership. The news magazine has adopted a journalistic style with a clear future orientation and scope for controversial and socially relevant debates, seeing itself as the competent journalistic voice beyond the mainstream. In clearly defined categories, FOCUS provides its readers with a broad range of information, making backgrounds transparent and taking a clear stance. FOCUS has the courage to voice its own opinion, but also to open itself to a culture of exciting and controversial debates.

FOCUS is the key medium of the cosmopolitan urban elite in Germany. This target group has the powerful potential to shape the opinion of Germany’s society like no other. The mindset of this elite is characterised by motivation and competition, by social responsibility and public spirit, a great interest in culture and in forward-looking science. Its desire to shape the world along with its communicative competence makes the urban elite trendsetters in the modern German society.

Key Facts Coverage CPT
Copy price:
Sold circulation:
3.50 Euro
557.796 (IVW IV/11)
MA 2012/I:
LAE 2011:
5.09 million readers
0.63 million readers
MA 2012/I:
LAE 2011:
(1/1 p. 4c /
2012 gross)
9.63 Euro
77.52 Euro


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FOCUS Advertisement Rate Card 2011

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